Tamper Resistant Security Features of Our Rx Pads, Rx Paper and Hologram MMP Prescription Pads

All our secure prescription pads and Rx paper are printed on tamper resistant prescription paper that meets and exceeds all Federal and State regulations for prescription forms for US States and Puerto Rico, with the exception of Delaware, Kentucky, Indiana, New Jersey, New York and Washington.


Tamper Resistant Rx Pads and Rx Paper Security Feature Grid

Security Feature Rx HRx Rx Paper Description
Micro Print X X X Letters in border cannot be copied
Water-Mark X X X Hold back of script at 45° angle to view. Changes color when rubbed with coin.
Ink Color X X X Original script must appear green
Screen X X X The word "VOID" will appear when copied
Thumbprint X X X Rub thumbprint (on back of script) vigorously to reveal "SAFE"
Security Ink X X X Alterations by solvents will discolor script
Reveals wording Hologram MMP
Sequential Numbering (X) (X)
Can be added to scripts where it is not already required (AZ and GA Schedule II)

Secure Rx Pads and Hologram MMP Prescription Pads

Our standard secure prescription pads:

  • Are 4 inches by 5.5 inches in size
  • Can be printed in vertical or horizontal format (Hologram MMP is vertical only)
  • Are available in single sheet or two-part, carbonless copy (For security reasons, the white, second sheet of our two-part, carbonless copy script is completely blank and only transfers what is written on the script. No other information is preprinted or will appear on the second sheet)
  • Are customizable to suit your needs, including logos
  • Can accommodate multiple physicians and/or multiple providers - call or email for more information
  • Can be printed with or without a hologram
  • Can add sequential numbering to scripts in states where it is not currently required (AZ and GA Schedule II)

Prescription Paper (EMR/EHR)

Our tamper resistant Rx paper:

  • is 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size
  • Is completely blank, non-perforated, and non-continuous feed (except in Florida, where there is a batch number on secure prescription paper)
  • Is for use in conjunction with your printer

Tamper Resistant Security Features of our Secure Rx pads, EMR and Hologram MMP prescription pads

All of our tamper resistant prescriptions are printed on secure prescription paper that meet and exceed ALL Federal and State regulations for secure prescription forms. For a list of all of our security features and their functionality, please see the grid above. In addition to being approved to supply Rx pads in all US states, except New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Kentucky, Delaware, we also print prescriptions for Puerto Rico. Hologram MMP is our premium prescription pad that includes the additional security feature of a unique hologram on every sheet.

Place orders for standard, vertical Rx pads as well as EMR paper can online using the select-your-state feature under Order/Pricing. For standard, horizontal format Rx pads, as well as orders with multiple physicians, and/or multiple addresses, please download an order form and either fax, mail, or email your order with the information you would like included. For clarity, we ask that you provide an enlarged sample script with your order form. We will match your desired layout to the best of our ability. For order quantities of 5,000 or above, we provide a complimentary pre-press proof that must be approved before production. Orders under 5,000 can obtain a pre-press proof for $75. We print all prescription products on recycled paper, using soy ink.

For all questions concerning our products, please contact us by phone 800-510-1050, or by email customerservice@rxminutemanpress.com

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