We are a leading provider of tamper resistant Rx prescription pads and prescription paper.

Ordering custom tamper resistant Rx prescription pads and prescription paper from us is fast and easy.

Update: National Rx Security is referring the printing of all orders through Rx Minuteman Press to accept, produce and ship Rx pad and Rx paper orders within 48 hours.

We no longer produce prescription pads for providers in the state of New Jersey

We at National Rx Security are now referring all prescription pad and Rx paper orders to Rx Minuteman Press, who will continue to supply physicians with confidence and security in writing prescriptions. Through Rx Minuteman Press, customers will receive the same trusted, secure Rx products and excellent, individualized customer service with utmost professionalism and experience from the original team.



National Rx Security is now referring orders to Rx Minuteman Press, who remains dedicated to providing the best quality Rx pads at competitive prices.

Rx Minuteman Press will maintain the same level of commitment in providing a sense of security for physicians, not only for their professional welfare, but also for that of their practice. While the design of tamper resistant prescription pads has changed with the times with the introduction of new security features, the focus remains the same: to provide physicians with the highest form of counterfeit protection out there.

Additional Counterfeit Protection for You

We work hard to halt prescription drug abuse by producing secure, custom tamper resistant prescription pads and prescription paper. Therefore, here are some additional security measures we take when accepting orders: 

  • Rx Minuteman Press Postcards
  • Physician writing a prescription
  • Physician with stethoscope
  • Stethoscope with heart